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domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

I lovED you

Yesterday I saw you with another girl and I think that you change a lot from the last time that I stay alone with you. You are with another types of people, you are more conceited... You are a different person, a type of person that I don't like. Now you are like the other boys and now I don't love you because now you aren't that person that when I was sad he makes me smile, a type of people that was very clever but he never show off, a very nice person... but I always going to remember that I loved you during a lot of time, I loved a person who was perfect. That's why I'm trying to forget you and love another boy. And to forget you is done but to love another person... It's going to be very difficult because there aren't many people like you when we was more young.

Resumiendo: me gustabas pero as cambiado y k ahora me caes de puto culo cacho engreido.

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